My gig at the Beacon, Hastings

On Friday March 10th this year I took part in Performers Coming Together – The Revue Show at the popular Hastings venue The Beacon along with Mike Hatchard, Sally Holloway, Sheila Hyde and Rupert Blunderbus.

In the second half I premiered my latest show Give Me The Moonlight, Give Me The Girl which was a musical exploration and celebration of my love, lust and longing for other women with support from members of the team. It went down a storm:

“Carol established a close rapport with the audience from her first dramatic entrance decked out in silver sequinned waistcoat, top hat and tails. She had her guests laughing and occasionally shedding a tear as she took us on a roller-coaster ride through songs of life and love, sharing with us the joys and sorrows of moments of her life’s journey, bringing the evening to a satisfying conclusion with a song encouraging audience participation aptly named Something Ends and Something Begins.”
Barbara Martin, The Hastings Observer March 24th 2017

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