What others say…

“As the founder of our Robertsbridge Community Choir (RoCoCo) Carol made a welcome return bringing her inspiring and joyful choir leading skills, enthusiastically crafting our voices through layers of harmonies to produce a most satisfying rendition of a couple of her own songs. A great workshop from a talented choir leader and song writer. Thank you Carol!

Anne Wells from RoCoCo – The Robertsbridge Community Choir


“Carol’s energy and enthusiasm is truly inspirational. Her holistic approach is empowering in allowing us to find our own voices, listen to each other and harmonise with each other. I also came away with some knowledge of music from the 40’s and a sense of the era. We had the wonderful opportunity to experience performing as ’40’s singers’ (great for confidence and self esteem) and met like minded singing loving people.”
Karen for “Songs from the 40’s Evening at Ore Community Centre

“I feel the singing community of Hastings owes Carol a debt of gratitude for starting a community choir. It brought many singers together for the first time and gave inspiration for spin-off groups so much so that now, a cappella singing is a feature of the town’s cultural life. On a personal level as a member in the early phase of the choir, the skills and opportunities created by Carol as Musical Director, helped me to have confidence in other situations. For example, when I was called on unexpectedly to give a speech at International Women’s Day in 2011, I felt I was able to hold my stage presence and speak clearly on behalf of our local peace group. Thank you Carol!

Rona Drennan, Hastings Against War – Shore Sounds Community Choir

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